Armed Forces

We thank all the people in the army who sacrificed their life’s to keep us safe and keep our freedom. I hope all of the families who have lost loved one in the army they are getting better and healing from the loss they have faced. I wish all the the soldiers in the Armed Forces good luck and pray to God they stay safe.



Basketball is the greatest part pf my life. I love watching NBA basketball on TV. My favorite basketball player is Lebron James. He became my favorite basketball player when I was 4 years old. I was in my basement with my dad sitting on our reclined chair watching the Cleveland Caviliers play. This was before Lebron got traded to the Heat. They won the game. Lebron James had lead them through the game to the win. He had played and good game. To this day I remember that day. It will be stuck in my brain forever and I’m completely fine with that. I play basketball ever winter for a rec league and next year I’m going to play for my school. My dad inspired me to play basketball. He would always take me to the park to shoot hoops and I had a little basket all hoop on our patio in our backyard.When it was cold we would play in our garage. We had fun playing with each other. That is why basketball is my favorite sport.

Middle School

Middle school is all about becoming a teenager. It helps develop the skills you need for high school. Middle is pretty fun. You go to a new building and you make new friends. I’m enjoying middle school so far. I wonder wants in store for me for the rest of the school year.


Life is never fair. There are good things in life and bad things in life. I have had struggles in my life but I don’t let them bother me. Don’t let the struggles in life hold you down or they’ll just make your life more miserable.